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Football Bowling

Now exclusively at Powerzone Amsterdam: football bowling. Do you like football and bowling and would you like to have a go at both sports at the same time? Now you can! From today you can visit us for a game of football bowling. Instead of lifting up the heavy 7 kg bowling ball, you can simply kick a football at the pins with your own shoes. This new game sensation came over from America and we are the only place in the whole of the Netherlands to offer this fun pastime. You can play football bowling either with or against a group of friends in the bowling section of our event hall, whilst enjoying a beer, soft drink and a delicious snack. We have adjusted two of our bowling lanes for this unique game.

Did you know that Powerzone was the first to introduce the modern, white bowling lanes in Amsterdam and the surrounding area?  The LED lighting creates some spectacular colour changes and a large screen has been suspended above the lanes, showing some of the latest music videos. Bowling and football bowling will guarantee you a fun, sporty and definitely also a relaxed indoor experience.

Game rules

The rules are simple: you bowl with a football and make sure all the pins go down. Preferably with the first shot, of course. You can wear your own shoes on the lane and you kick the ball across the lane in the direction of the pins. Apart from that, exactly the same rules as normal bowling. Should you be successful in kicking all the pins over with your first shot, this will be a strike. This will score you the most points. All pins over in two goes is called a spare and if you don’t manage to kick any pins over in two shots, it’s referred to as an open frame. The distribution of points is the same as with normal bowling too. It’s child’s play and an awful lot of fun!

*Minimum age 10 years

The history of football bowling

Football bowling is derived from the American fowling, a combination of the word American football and bowling. The rules and setup are slightly different, but the basic idea is the same. Fowling was first thought up by Chris Hutt from Detroit in 2001. In this game there are two teams, which take turns throwing the ball at their opponent’s ten pins on the other side as quickly as possible. You don’t kick the ball, you throw it. The pins are positioned in the exact same way as with the original bowling game.