How can I reach Powerzone?

From the back of the Amsterdam Central Station, you walk in the direction of the Muziekgebouw at the river IJ. Near the Muziekgebouw you will see a bridge, you don’t cross it but keep walking on the left side (alongside the quay). Powerzone is situated under this bridge. From the Amsterdam Central Station it is a 10 minutes’ walk.

Where can I park my car?

Powerzone does not have their own parking facilities. You can park your car at:

The parking facility behind Powerzone

Oosterdok Parking (read more about the on-line reservation of a parking ticket)

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

Can I bring my own drinks?

It is not allowed to consume you own drinks.

Birthdays are an exception; bringing you own birthday cake is allowed, but you need to report this with the reservation in advance. Please bring own dishes and cutlery.

Are pets allowed at Powerzone?

Pets are not allowed in Powerzone.

Does Powerzone work with any trusted resellers of their products?

Yes, our products can be booked at some carefully selected booking partners, such as Thingstodoinamsterdam.com and Getyourguide.nl.


Is it only possible the make reservations on full hours?

Yes, in order to have a flexible flow through, it is only possible to begin bowling on full hours.

How long in advance do I need to be present?

For the full use of your time we advise you to arrive 15 minutes in advance.

Is it possible to  extend the bowling game with half an hour?

No, bowling for 1,5 hour is not possible. You can choose between a 1 of 2 hour bowling session.

How many people are allowed on the same bowling lane?

Maximum 6 persons

What’s the minimum age?

The minimum age for bowling is 6 years.

Does the price includes bowling shoes?

Yes, the price includes bowling shoes.

What sizes of shoes are available?

From size 28 to size 48 incl.

Is it possible for invalid people (in a wheelchair) to play bowling?

Yes, bowling lanes 1 and 6 hav enough space for wheelchairs. We do ask you to inform us when you make the reservation.

Laser Tag

What is the minimum / maximum number of participants?

The minimum number of participants is 4 persons, and the maximum number of participants is 20 persons. Groups are put together by the Powerzone crew, there are no exclusive rights.

What’s the minimum age?

The minimum age for laser tag is 8 years.

What’s the duration of one laser tag session?

The duration of one session is 15 minutes. 3 minutes of game briefing are included. It is not possible to extend a session.

Is it possible for invalid people (in a wheelchair) to play laser tag?

Yes, it is possible for invalid people to play laser tag. We advise you not to book on Friday’s and Saturday’s, concerning the crowd.

Is it possible for everyone to play laser tag?

We advise people with health problems to consider for themselves if it is possible for them to play. For safety reasons we advise pregnant women and people with epilepsy NOT to play laser tag.

Powerzone is not responsible for lost properties, theft or any other damages.

When cancelling a reservation within 24 hours in advance of the arrangement, a fee will be charged.

Still having questions? Please feel free to contact our reservation department.

Reservation details :

T: 020 760 7600

E: info@powerzone.amsterdam